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My Metanoia

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My Metanoia - Your journey to happiness and success
Nancy Adriaenssens is a mental health coach who provides training to change your mind. It starts from the fact that we as humans are programmed by our upbringing and environment. We do things on "autopilot" because they were programmed into our subconscious mind, often at a young age. Many of these programs are useful and effective, but others seem to keep hindering us in what we really want to achieve.

For My Metanoia we made the branding, colors, typo and the logo. We choose for the primary color the color green with shades of green. Green is the color of nature, it symbolizes growth, harmony and that fits nicely where My Metanoia is standing for.

Nancy wanted a website to reach more people, individuals, business and athletes. It was a challenge to make a design for such a wide target group, we wanted to make it personal but professional. For the result check the website

In collaboration with Louiza Vanherp

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